I was invited recently to review a product by Saal-Digital and they asked me for my HONEST review! I decided to try their Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish which can be found in the “Wall Decors” section of the website.

Untitled photo

Firstly ordering was a piece of cake, I simply uploaded my image, checked the placement and hit order!

( understand that with other products there is a piece of software you are required to download but for my order I did not need to use it.)

Saal-Digital are based in Germany so I was a little concerned that this may affect the the delivery time so for a comparison I also ordered a print from a UK based company at the same time as the Saal Digital order.

 I was pleasantly suprised with the result….

Saal-Digital (Germany) - 7 Days

UK based Company - 9 Days

When the product arrived it was very well packaged, the printed side was protected by a layer of cardboard, then the whole thing was wrapped in more cardboard followed by a plastic wrap ensured that my order arrived safe and sound.

When I opened the package my immediate reaction was WOW!

The colour is amazingly rich and the aluminium has given it a slightly metallic looks which for the picture I chose was perfect.

In addition to this, when you look closely you can see the brushed effect showing through in the highlights which really adds to the appeal of this type of print

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

The Alu-Dibond Butlerfinish is a composite board made up of 2 sheets of aluminium with a middle layer of what appears to be a type of plastic, this makes for a very premium feeling product.

The only word of warning I would give with this product is that at checkout, when you are given the option of including a mounting kit, select YES!

I selected No, not really putting any thought into the decision, when the product arrived I then faced the task of working out how I was going to hang it! Don’t be stupid like me, just get the mounting kit.

Overall I am extremely happy with this product and as I know that in addition to this product they also offer standard prints, canvas, acrylic, foamboard, photobooks, fineart prints, stickers etc etc I will definitely use Saal Digital again in future and If you are looking for a print of any kind I would encourage you to give them a try.

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