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Ok so unless you have been living under a rock for years you as a photographer have probably heard of Black Rapid straps, it seems that a lot of pro’s are using them and nobody has a bad word to say about them…. Well apart from one, Price!

At the time of writing this Amazon.co.uk have the RS-Sport listed at £49.99, which if your a pro or have a lot of high end gear then I agree with what a lot of people say in that its not a lot of money for the piece of mind that your gear is safe, However for us mere mortals who are not making a living from photography and who don't have a lot of money to spend (if i had a spare £50 i would rather put it towards some new glass) we have to look at cheaper options.

And that’s where the “Quick Rapid” strap comes in, I picked mine up for about £5.00 and yes it's a blatant Black Rapid ripoff! This strap appears to be well built, the length is fine for me, the metal for the carabiner appears to be good quality. All in all i am happy for the price. I have used this strap at two weddings, a motor show and while out doing landscape work and so far so good, the strap has been comfortable, the carabiner has slid along the strap smoothly when bringing the camera up to my eye. The lens cap pouch is a great feature (again ripped straight from the Black Rapid!).

There are only two gripes with this 1) it doesn’t have the understrap to stop it slipping which although not a huge problem is a little bit annoying and 2) The mounting plate is a bit rubbish, sure it holds the camera well and feels nice and solid but when like me you have a tripod mounting plate attached also, the straps plate kind of gets in the way. For my current needs, this strap is fit for purpose, would I feel comfortable hanging pro gear from it?, um...no but if i could afford pro gear then I’m sure £50 for a genuine strap wouldn't be much of a stretch. If you are considering getting one of these then i do have 1 recommendation and that is to buy a Black Rapid Fasten-R and throw away the plate that comes with the strap. A Fasten-R should cost no more than £15.00 and still makes the total purchase price cheaper than a Black Rapid.

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So to sum up - I love this affordable knock-off and have no problem recommending it to anyone on a tight budget, but if im ever in a position where i can justify spending the money on a genuine Black Rapid strap then i will do without hesitation! Do you own one of these straps? Do you love it? hate it? couldn’t care less? let me know below.

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