December 2015

So I've been doing photography for a few years now and although I never intend to make a profession from it I am realistic in that its a very expensive hobby and I need it to sustain itself. Also as I'm sure most non-pro photographers would agree that that inevitably even though you have never advertised your services you WILL get approached by people for shooting events/weddings/portraits etc. I have always embraced this, which has led to me shooting some charity events and even weddings.

Well a few weeks ago a colleague from my “day job” and his wife gave birth to their little boy Alfie and as I was the photographer for their wedding a few months earlier t was very quickly agreed that I would come over and take some newborn shots for them. I have done some studio work before and as mentioned above done weddings including the formal's, but I have never had to create a makeshift studio in a clients house before so this was an entirely new experience for me.

Luckily one of the many great people I have met in recent years of pursuing my hobby is Laura who is a fantastic newborn and family photographer (please visit her page at So I called Laura up for a few pointers which she very kindly and enthusiastically gave me, including “Bring a hot water bottle to warm the areas where the baby will be lying to make them more comfortable” this was the best advice I could have been given as when the baby was more comfortable he was sleeping better and easier to pose! So many thanks Laura for your awesome advice :-)

In preparation for this shoot I did spend some time on line using mainly Google and Pinterest to get a few ideas, from this I selected some props gathered my equipment and set off to my first newborn shoot.

In total I spent a couple of hours with the family, set up in the living room in front of the large French windows as I decided this softer natural light would be more fitting to the shoot rather than using flash, I draped a large white throw over two chairs to make the backdrop and had plenty of blankets for padding to make the baby as comfortable as possible. After using various props and poses I came away with a set of shots i was happy with which once edited, the parents were delighted with, and I believe that these will be framed and given to family for Christmas presents.

All in all a success, and a great learning exercise for me, after all I'm not happy unless i have my camera in hand!

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